Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, He Really Said That

From Jaycob:

-  Cardboard is edible
-  If it looks like a beating heart, does that mean the pizza is done?
-  If I ever do band, I wanna do the big drum that has the stick with the giant cottonball on the end.
-  Do you want us to get in the tub with a mattress? (We were having a bad thunderstorm.)
-  When your pee is really yellow, why do the bubbles last longer?
-  When lonely girls grow up, they get cats.  Lots and lots of kitty cats.
-  Four sneezes in a row is a record.
-  I don't get cavities because I use Mint Cavity Control Toothpaste.
-  If you are wearing absorbent pants.....and you poop in might not feel it.
-  15 degrees is warm enough for shorts.
-  The Vancouver Olympics are in China.
-  I prefer to suck on my cheese.
-  They have dinosaurs in New Zealand.  They must cage 'em up.
-  There's no point making popcorn if I can't watch TV while I eat it.

Happy Traks!!

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