Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jayson's Top 7 Surprising Moments

Jayson emailed this list to me the other day.  I got a good laugh (until #1) and thought I'd share.

Jayson's Top 7 Surprising Moments (at least for now...)

#7. Walking in on your parents having sex

#6. Your mom walking in on you while you're having sex

#5. Leaving for training and having your wife announce she is pregnant.

#4. Your daughter informing you she has a boyfriend

#3. Farting while in the middle of training and realizing it wasn't just a fart.

#2. Realizing the hard way that the pan on the counter just came out of the oven.

#1. Holding your crying wife in your arms and realizing you are the most vulnerable person in the room.

- Jayson Geisler


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