Monday, August 16, 2010

I Win! Neener-Neener-Ha-Ha!

I've always thought of myself as independent and self-sufficient. I don't rely on others if I don't have to, and I finish what I start. I love to cheer for people, but I don't need people cheering for me. Or so I thought. Until I ran the Rock Roll & Run Half Marathon in Idaho Falls on August 8, 2009.

Jayson was off in the desert blowing things up. And the kids were at home sleeping. I was on my own. And THAT was kind of liberating. I had never before gone solo to a race. I had always had someone there in the past - either Jayson running with me, or him and the kids as my support vehicle. But, not this day. On this day, it was just me and a half marathon course that I had never ran before.

To make a long, boring story much shorter.....By Mile 4, I knew things were going to get ugly. I couldn't see anyone in front of me, and there was nobody behind me. I was all alone, running between a horizon of corn on my left and a sea of grain on my right. As the miles wore on, the only thing I had to keep me company were my labored breathing and the dozens of dead, squished birds that I had to play hopscotch with.

By Mile 11, I...was...done. I actually walked. I cried a little. I cussed a lot. But I still walked. I friggin' walked for almost a mile, while I felt sorry for my lonesome self and swore to never run another race without support from someone.

I finished that damn race, and promised my pride that I would never run that course again. The thought of crossing the finish line while the event organizers were packing up the finish line, was not something I ever wanted to experience again.

But.....I lied to my pride. I ran that course again.

And I killed it! On August 7th of this year, I ran the same race with Jayson & Sydni cheering me on. I was determined to not let the course win again. So, I gave it all I had. I picked out people in front of me to pass. I kept my head down on the hill climbs, and sprinted it out on the downhills. And, when I got to Mile Marker 11, I gave it the bird.

End Result: I finished at 2 hours and 2 minutes (30 minutes faster than last year). I was 26th place out of 70 runners. And I had a smile on my face the entire time. Screw you, dead birds and sea of grain.........

I WIN! Neener-Neener-Ha-Ha.

Happy Traks!


  1. NICE EMILY!! Faster by 30 is amazing! After Jayson leaves I'll cheer you the support vehicle. ;)

  2. Right, of course. In the support vehicle......before YOUR leg of the race. Gotcha.