Monday, July 26, 2010


Jayson spent today packing for his vacation. The office is completely full of nothing but green and tan. I can't even imagine packing for THAT LONG. Over a year! How in the world does a person do that???

How in the hell would I organize it?? I mean, seriously, normal vacation = 7 days.
7 daytime panties
7 nighttime panties (go ahead - ask me)
7 shirts
7 bottoms
And a shitload of shoes!

How do you lay out a year's worth of panties and shoes?? Of course, Jayson doesn't have to. The man will spend the next 400 days in ACU's, Boots, and PT's. But, still.....I feel the need to figure out how I would do it. I've been trying to organize it since I got home today. I spent a 6 mile run trying to figure out how I would load my suitcase (aka dufflebag). And I got NOWHERE.

I guess what that means is: I cannot go somewhere for a year. I wouldn't be able to pack for it. So, please don't ask me to spend a year traveling the country. I can't go. Thanks anyway.

Happy Traks!


  1. Since you said to go ahead and ask...

    Daytime panties and night time panties???????

    You have my imagination running :0)

    Ha ha! You crack me up!

  2. Ashley, I might have to send you a picture if this discription doesn't work....

    Daytime panties are much SMALLER.

    Nighttime panties cover more surface area and are a whole lot sexier.

    Picture rubberband vs. shower cap.

    Does that help?


  3. Oh! Maybe you weren't wondering what the difference was. Maybe you were wondering WHY I would have two different?????

    Well, that's because I'm obsessive. It's a habit. And I can't break it.

    I'm sure you're not surprised.

  4. Ha ha! Rubber band vs. shower cap huh?? I think that might be the best comparison I have ever heard! You should be the spokesperson for Victoria Secret... they would probably sell twice as many panties after you explained why everyone should have daytime and nighttime panties. :0)

  5. VS Nighttime panties are sooooooo much more comfortable!!!