Friday, April 8, 2011

B is for Beautiful

beau-ti-ful  (byoo-ti-fuhl)  adjective
(as defined by Scholastic Children's Dictionary.....sorry, that's all I've got, remember?)
  1. Very pleasant to look at or listen to  (Example:  "You have a beautiful smile.")

beau-ti-ful  (byoo-ti-fuhl)  adjective
(as defined by ME)

  1. Sunsets that make you wonder if the sky is on fire. 
  2. A 100-year old woman with a lifetime of stories to tell.
  3. Seeing your son comfort his sister. 
  4. A baby's smile.
  5. Snowflakes.
  6. That moment when you are able to actually touch your husband for the first time in months.
  7. Sunrises.
  8. Your child's artwork.
  9. Flowers that YOU planted.
  10. Snow-covered fences.
  11. That moment when you know you've won the argument.
  12. A sleeping baby.
  13. The Start Line of a Marathon.
  14. The Finish Line of a Marathon.
  15. An organized desk with everything in straight lines.
  16. Your kids getting along with each other.
  17. That moment when you find yourself kayaking completely alone in the middle of the lake.
  18. Raindrops on a sunroof.
  19. The naked, vulnerable human body.
  20. That moment when you FINALLY make a decision.
  21. Carving down a Black Diamond run ALL...BY...YOURSELF.
  22. The sound of a baby's laugh.
  23. Two people in love.
  24. A toilet with no pee on the seat.
  25. A candle burning in the dark.
  26. That moment when your family is back together again.
  27. A sink with no toothpaste smeared in it.
  28. Snow-covered trees.
  29. Your neighbor's snowdrift.
  30. The look on your kids' faces when they FINALLY believe that their parents really are Wonder Woman and Superman.
  31. Music in the dark.
  32. Tattoos.
  33. Courage.
  34. Lightning storms.
  35. Even numbers.
  36. Organized piles.
  37. Perfect rows.
  38. Right angles.
  39. Hearing your dad play the guitar.
  40. The Tetons.
  41. A clean truck.
  42. That moment when he says, "It's not cancer."
  43. First tracks on your mountain.
  44. Your daughter's letters to her dad.
  45. A new high score on a video game (Thank you, Jayson, for contributing to this post).
  46. The determination of an athlete.
  47. Jayson's feet.....with socks on.
  48. Having a teammate for life.
  49. That moment of relief when you admit something that you've kept hidden.
  50. YOU.



  1. Wow! Incredible. Thank you for sharing.. The title couldn't be more perfect :) - Christina

  2. I love your blog. (been stalking is for a few months, not as spooky as it sounds...just enjoy your writing)Thanks for making me laugh and for inspiring me! You're awesome.

  3. Thank you all for reading.....and for the feedback! It makes my heart smile when I hear that the crazy ramblings in my head actually make others smile/laugh/cry.
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    - Emily

  4. This made me cry I love your blogs