Monday, November 22, 2010

G-Rated...Can I Do It?

The Standard Journal has asked to publish my Blog posts.  They have two rules...

Rule #1 - Make it G-Rated
Rule #2 - Write about whatever I am feeling

Uhhhhhhhh, really??!! How will I follow both rules at the same time?  (If you've read my Blog, you are probably wondering how I could even pull-off a PG-13 rating.)  Rule #2 will be easy.  However, LIFE is hardly ever like a Disney movie, so Rule #1 is going to require a whole lot of practice and editing.  Is it do-able?  Let's see...

I was born in '79 to an artist and a photographer.  Art and Photos went well together, until I was 5, and then they divorced.  My mom ("Art") stayed in Southern California, and my dad ("Photo") and I moved to Northern California and then onto Oregon.  Some would say, "That's too bad."  I say, "Sweet!  Two Christmases, two birthdays, and summers spent on the beach in San Diego." 

In 1997, I graduated high school early and joined the Army at the age of 17.  School was boring, and Bootcamp sounded like fun.  So, I chopped off my hair - think Demi Moore - and headed to Fort Jackson, SC.  From there, I went to Fort Benning, GA (the smelliest place I've ever been) before ending up at Fort Bragg.  And THAT is where my life got interesting because THAT is where I met my husband.

Jayson (AKA PVT Geisler) lived 2 doors down from me (AKA PVT Dickman) in the barracks.  We met, dated, and married all within a few months time.  By "met", I mean "said hi".  By "dated", I mean "saw each other in the hall".  And, by "married", I mean "picked up some RingPops at the Jiffy Mart and got married at the Police Station".  The best part?  I got a new last name.  Do you have any idea what it's like to go thru Bootcamp with the name Private Dickman??  (If you're trying to come up with a good joke for that one, you can stop wasting your time.  I've heard them all.  Funny-funny-ha-ha.)

Life moved pretty quick from there.  I left the Army, Jaycob was born in January of 1999, and Sydni made her appearance in January of 2000.  Two kids, close in age, older boy, younger girl....we got exactly what we wanted and were done. 

Fast forward a few years.  After a one-year pit stop in New Mexico, we found ourselves here in Eastern Idaho.  I got a job with a title company and Jayson started working for the Madison County Sheriff's Department.  I am still with the title company, and Jayson is back in the Army.  We knew he'd never be able to stay away from the military.  Army is his LIFE, and, ironically, the reason why I started writing.

I've always enjoyed writing.  But, for years, all I did was talk about writing, rather than actually doing it.  Well, this past summer, with Jayson's deployment approaching, I decided to give Blogging a shot.  I knew that I would need something to focus on in order to make this next year go by faster.  Sure, with Jayson in Iraq, I have waaaay more time for running.  But, let's be real....I can only run so many miles before my body starts to break down like an old car with bad breaks and bald tires.  So, writing has become my other form of exercise.

Whether it's my sarcasm, my sense of humor, or my willingness to be more honest in my writing than I am in real life, I've managed to snag the attention of people from all over the globe.  I have readers in Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Germany, Kuwait, Malta, and Iran.  (Where in the heck is Malta???) And, now, your local paper is putting their trust in me to make YOU a reader, too.  Let's just hope you like sarcasm in big doses, humor that's occasionally naughty, and very blunt honesty about my life, my inner-most thoughts, and the people around me.

I'm impatient, have OCD, think condiments are gross, and don't like to have people in "my bubble". I thrive on the stress that my job creates. I eat way too much ice cream.  Sunsets, snowflakes, and a baby's laughter are three of my favorite things. Red and Blue M&M's, Orange Sixlets, and Red Skittles are 4 of my least favorite things. I don't know how to swim, but I love to run.  I have a thing for buying running shoes and I like for my underwear to match my outfit each day.  You can find me at Targhee, lost in my own version of Heaven, every Sunday from December thru April.  I hate dogs...but I have one.  And, last but not least, I love to make people laugh.

If you can deal with all of the above, and if I can keep things G-Rated, then I think we'll get along just fine.  



  1. Wow! That's really cool! You are a great writer and I love reading your posts!!

  2. Thanks, you guys! It's done! :-) Here's the link:

  3. I know I LOVE reading your blog! And I do quite enjoy the x rated version! ; ) You have such a unique way of writing that intriges people more and more! I look forward to more incite into "Emily" Land!