Monday, November 14, 2011


Ok....For those of you who have read my last post and are patiently waiting for the next post (where I confess that I spent most of my Southern California childhood wearing nothing but bubbles and face paint.....)

You're gonna have to wait. 
I need to back track.
I skipped something that happened here in CURRENT Emily Land.

My Battle Buddy came home.
Yep.  Jayson is baaaaaaaack!

September 14, 2011

This is how my morning went:

He's not getting a flight home today.
I'm going to work.
He's getting a flight today.
I'm not going to work.
He's not getting a flight today.
I'm making a drink.
He's getting a flight.
I'm making another drink.
He's not getting a flight.
I'm drunk.
He's getting a flight.
I'm making another drink.

So, in all my nervous glory, I showed up at the Idaho Falls hangar with enough vodka in me to fuel a small forest fire.
Water.  Must....drink....water.
So, I did.  I slouched on a leather couch, drank water, and people-watched.

I saw whole families walk thru the door - aunts, cousins, grandparents, mom, dad, and siblings all there to hug their soldier.
I watched countless women come in, struggling to walk in the "cute" outfit that they had probably spent DAYS obsessing over in order for it to be JUST RIGHT for that moment when their soldier steps off the plane.  (Good thing I was drinking when I got ready, or else I would have been stumbling around in hooker shoes, too.)

My favorite part of people-watching that morning....?
Seeing the MOMS.
Seeing the frazzled, stressed-out, stroller pushing MOM struggle with the door while being dragged down by 2 leach children clinging to her like dryer sheets.  All the while, dropping juice cups and Cheerios and pacifiers and looking as though she'd already been committed to the Mental Ward of the local hospital, but had planned her escape just right so that it would coincide with TODAY.  Today - the day she's been waiting for since September 21, 2010, when the other half of her life, the other half of her heart, the other half of her SANITY left.  This mom knows that TODAY there will be a moment - a moment when she will know that EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.  (Thank you, Bob Marley, for always helping me find the words.)

During my people-watching, I figured two things out.

#1.  If my 11 and 12 year-old hung from my body EVER, I would disown them.
#2.  My EVERYTHING was already alright, and the plane hadn't even landed yet.

My EVERYTHING was just about to get BETTER.


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